The Tampa Bay Rays play at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Tampa Bay Rays ballpark is a terrific stadium for viewing a Major League Baseball game. Look at the Tampa Bay Rays seating chart to learn more on the seats at Tropicana Field and to find the best Tampa Bay Rays tickets for the best Tampa Bay Rays seats.

The Tampa Bay Rays Tropicana Field is divided into many seating sections spread over multiple decks: Rays Home Plate Club, Rays Hancock Bank Club, Rays Fieldside Boxes, Rays Lower Infield Boxes, Rays Lower Boxes, Rays Press Level, Rays Baseline Boxes, Rays Outfield, Rays Upper Boxes, Rays Upper Reserved, and Rays Party Deck. The best Tampa Bay Rays seats depend on the price paid for a Rays ticket. Tampa Bay Rays tickets are sold at the Tropicana Field box office and Tampa Bay Rays team website, but the widest inventory of cheap Rays tickets for the most popular Rays games can be found through secondary market ticketing websites. Explore RaysSeatingChart.com for more information on the best Tampa Bay Rays tickets for the best Tampa Bay Rays seats at Tropicana Field.

Tropicana Field is an enclosed ballpark located in the town of St. Petersburg, Florida. Tropicana Field has been the home baseball stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays since the team’s founding in 1998. Tropicana Field has a non-retractable domed roof which completely encloses the field at all times. Tropicana Field was built with large support structures under the dome and these structures, referred to as catwalks, create odd ground-rules for Rays games. Some of these catwalks are in-play while others are considered part of foul territory.

The dimensions of Tropicana field are:

  • 50 feet to the Backstop
  • 315 feet to Left Field
  • 370 feet to Left-Center
  • 404 feet to Center Field
  • 370 feet to Right-Center
  • 322 feet to Right Field

The capacity of Tropicana Field is 36,973 fans for most Rays games. During postseason play or special events, Tropicana Field can remove tarps which normally cover the highest level seats and increase the maximum capacity to 42,735. See the Tropicana Field seating chart for a detailed seat map.

Tropicana Field: Home of the Tampa Bay Rays

Tropicana Field: Home of the Tampa Bay Rays
View of the front entrance to Tropicana Field: Home of the Tampa Bay Rays
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